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5 Tips to choose the best oxygen concentrator in India for Home use

Have you been searching for the best oxygen concentrator in India that you can use at home? While you proceed with your ideas, read the post below, which discusses the specifications and features to look for when choosing a stationary oxygen concentrator.

Oxygen Purity : The oxygen content of the air is 21%, and nitrogen content is 78%. When an individual’s lungs are unable to filter oxygen from the air, his oxygen saturation percentage declines because of which he is advised supplemental oxygen treatment. If you want to purchase an oxygen concentrator, be sure to read the specs thoroughly and choose one that produces oxygen with a purity of 90 percent at all its flow rates.

Many individuals bought adjustable purity oxygen concentrators during the recent Covid-19 boom, which have the ability to deliver oxygen only at a 30 percent oxygen purity level at its maximum flow rate. Please do not purchase these concentrators as they are not intended for medical usage.

You can learn about the best oxygen concentrators in India, which can deliver oxygen at 90% oxygen purity across all flow rates.

Flow Rate: Before purchasing an oxygen concentrator, speak with your doctor to determine the flow rate at which you would require oxygen. Patients with moderate hypoxia are often advised supplemental oxygen at a lower flow rate. In such instances, home oxygen concentrators with a flow rate of 5 LPM would be sufficient.

However, if you have a severe breathing disease such as Asthma, ILD or COPD, your doctor may suggest oxygen therapy at a high flow rate. You should then search for oxygen concentrators with a flow rate of 10 LPM.

Oxygen Purity Analyzer: Many oxygen concentrators in the Indian market such as Evox 5 LPM, Oxymed Mini, etc, come with an oxygen purity analyzer that displays the percentage purity of oxygen that is being supplied to the patient. Though not all of the best oxygen concentrators in India have incorporated this feature, we think it is still a valuable thing.

Weight: Stationary oxygen concentrators are built to provide oxygen while being placed in a single location. As a result, its size and weight would not be the sole determining feature. Nevertheless, you may need to move the device from one place to another within the house on a regular basis. Therefore,  A 5 LPM stationary oxygen concentrator that weighs over 19 kg is not recommended.

Price: When you purchase any device, the price is the most crucial aspect to examine. Chinese and American models lead the Indian oxygen concentrator market. The concentrators imported from China are somewhat less expensive than the ones made in the United States. If you don’t have a monetary constraint, you should probably buy an oxygen concentrator made in the United States, since they are regarded for their high quality.

To know in-depth information on various home oxygen concentrator models, their price and dealers, you can read our article on the best oxygen concentrator in India.

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