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Behind the Scenes: Monitoring of Sports Betting at Beijing 2022

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is about to begin later this week, and as a part of the preparations the International Olympic Committee has published new outlines for the measures needed.

Importantly, the Committee has worked together with several gambling monitoring groups such as sports data and tech company Sportradar, Global Lottery Monitoring System and the International Betting Integrity Association.

The new partnership

In the recent announcement, the last partnership will be participated by the GLMS and IOC working together on data sharing and educational activities. Both organizations have already worked together on many versions of the Olympic Games and also in some teaching projects.

According to the General Secretary of GLMS and Executive Director of the World Lottery Association Luca Esposito, he said “This partnership will develop the cooperation between IOC and GLMS to secure the integrity of sports and allow a much more whole approach to both the industry of sports and lottery.”

Both the GLMS and IOC are monitors of the Committee of the International Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions, and they intend to take advantage of the new partnership to improve the interaction between the industries of lottery and sports in cq9.

According to the President of the Olympic Movement Unit on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions at the IOC Friedrich Martens, he said “Aside from their continuous financial support to the Olympic projects, we are happy that lotteries have been continuously supporting us in our campaigns to keep sport and definitely our most important event, the Olympic Games far from any form of manipulations.”

“We are happy to sign this agreement with GLMS which will allow us to develop our deep cooperation,” he added.

Monitoring of the Olympic Games

Additionally, the Council of Europe’s system of national platforms, the Group of Copenhagen, as well as most primary gambling regulatory authorities and a huge number of gambling companies will also join the IOC’s 24/7 gambling monitoring operations at the Olympic House in Lausanne Switzerland.

The monitoring will also be participated by the Olympic Movement Unit on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions and they are using their IBIS platforms and in the help of their partners.

Aside from monitoring the bets, the OM Unit PMC, which will do a complete observance of integrity measures for the first time since it was established in 2017, did a deep examination of the seven winter sports and 15 activities on the 2022 Beijing program. It is associated with the threats caused by the tournament manipulation related to sports betting, with the data shared by the International Sports Federations.

To maintain its partnership with the international federations throughout the competitions, the OM Unit PMC will alert any violations of the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions to the organizations, while also partnering with the law enforcement agencies.

Aside from that, the IOC also worked closely with eight brand ambassadors representing eight different sports and eight different nations consisting of current and former athletes to raise awareness of the dangers of bet manipulation at the Olympics.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the IOC has started a particular campaign called “Make the Right Decisions”. The project promotes educational content, including a self-explanatory Code of Conduct available in 20 languages, including an e-learning program and educational kit, and other services.

In partnership with the international federations and National Olympic Committees, the last one is tasked in selecting the national delegations and sending them to the Olympic Games.

The main goal of the IOC is to further teach the players about game manipulation and assign the code of conduct. We hope that the partnership of IOC and the GLMS will produce a fair Olympic Games.

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