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How to use your health insurance during an emergency

Most of us buy our health insurance plans in the hope of getting paid for our medical expenses during times of emergency. However, sometimes, because of a lack of proper documents and explanations, we fail to get the money that we deserve. So, here we are going to tell you how exactly you can make your health insurance claim during the time of an emergency.

Inform the hospital: First and foremost, you will have to inform the billing desk’ about your health insurance policy. You will have to fulfill all the regulations from the helpdesk. However, this might not be possible at all times during an emergency. So, you can ask a friend or a relative to inform the hospital on your behalf in case you have to get admitted. The family member can then follow up with the customer service and get the entire job done for you.

Keep your cashless card handy: There are a lot of insurance service providers who offer cashless cards to customers. By taking the help of these cards, you will be able to pay for all your medical emergencies without having to spend a single coin from your pocket. You will just have to provide your card at the helpdesk of the hospital and everything will be settled between the insurance service provider and the hospital. This will allow you to get the best treatment for your illness. You can also get instant private health insurance quote in minutes from various popular websites.

Inform your insurance service provider: You will also have to inform your insurance service provider about your hospitalization. This should be done as soon as possible so that they can coordinate with the hospital and pay for your treatment. These things should be informed to your family members in advance so that in case anything happens to you, your family members need not have to get worried about making payment. They will be able to do the right thing and get the money for your treatment.

Know your network hospitals: It is always a really good idea for you to be informed of all the network hospitals and the doctors. You should also let your friends and family members know about the network hospitals of your insurance plan so that in case there is any medical emergency, they will try to take you to one such hospital that lies in the network of the insurance service provider.

Keep all your documents ready: You must always make a file for all your documents that are mandatory for your health insurance claim. These documents include the claim settlement form, medical certificate, summary of your discharge, all your doctor’s prescriptions, pharmacy bills, FIR copy if required, and other legal documents in case of any kinds of accidents. You should also have all the original bills from the hospitals and pharmacies. It is also better to inform your family members where the file is kept. This will help them to get the claim easily.

So, if you wish to lead a safe and healthy life, you will always get affordable health insurance for individuals.

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