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Reviewing the Plasmolifting of Gums in Dentistry

Initially introduced in dentistry, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy accelerates tissue healing, enhances blood circulation, and stimulates rejuvenation and regrowth.

Despite its recent adoption in oral surgery, PRP has been widely used in sports medicine and orthopaedics since the early 1990s.

The procedure is efficient, requiring minimal time, resources, and specialized equipment. Dentists and oral surgeons can easily perform it using the Plasma Fresh kit—a cost-effective, user-friendly, and versatile solution crafted by Germany’s leading PRP treatment experts.

Plasmolifting PRP Röhrchen (English Meaning is Plasmolifting PRP tubes) offered by Plasmolifting World, a fast-scaling health-care company since 2013.

How it works?

Before any oral surgical treatment, PRP preparation is essential. Therefore, a preliminary consultation is necessary to assess whether it suits the patient.

While most individuals qualify for PRP therapy, those with blood clotting issues or on anticoagulation medication may face restrictions or specific guidelines to prevent complications. Overall, PRP is a low-risk procedure.

If approved, the patient’s blood is drawn using the Plasma Fresh PRP Kit, ensuring a seamless and comfortable experience.

The kit, designed with utmost safety and quality standards, employs a disposable butterfly needle and a medical glass tube for blood collection.

The collected blood undergoes centrifugation, separating platelet-rich plasma from platelet-poor plasma and red blood cells. This isolation yields potent growth factors essential for tissue synthesis.

The high platelet count plasma can be delicately applied to or around the treated area in dentistry. If injection is necessary, Plasma Fresh facilitates the process with minimal discomfort.

While other PRP therapies involve direct injections into affected areas, such as the scalp or face, dentistry typically employs gentle application or, if needed, injection around the operated or infected zone.

Plasma Fresh’s versatility ensures a pain-free or minimally discomforting conclusion to the therapy, making PRP a valuable and accessible option in oral care.

Let us know why Plasmolifting of gums in dentistry is so popular.

1. It is safe

Since the patient’s immune system won’t target its own cells, the likelihood of an allergic reaction or any other potential consequence is much reduced as it is drawn from the patient’s blood.

2. It is quick

It does not take long to complete the procedure. At most, the entire appointment may take 30 minutes. It is simple to use: plasma separation and blood collection are now easier than before.

3. It is pain-free

Anesthesia is not necessary at all for this treatment in the majority of situations. Injections may cause some discomfort, but nothing more severe than the previously described blood sample.

4. It is very effective

Positive results are seen by patients even after their initial visit to the physician.

However, there are a few contraindications, too, about this procedure, which include:

  • Allergic reaction
  • Blood diseases
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Infectious diseases

For patients without contraindications, plasmolifting of gum is generally safe, but the dentist must determine the most suitable treatment method.

It is highly effective for various gum diseases, offering numerous advantages with minimal contraindications. Consultation with your dentist is crucial to assess its suitability for your specific condition.

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