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Things To Consider Before You Plan To Visit A Medical Aesthetic Centre

With the growing popularity of aesthetic centres, it has become difficult to choose which one is the best for you. Especially when you have something like your face to be treated, you just cannot trust anyone as it can be risky. In such cases, you would require someone who is not only medically trained but is experienced enough to treat you. Here are certain tips for you, before you choose to visit any such centre.

To get a good 醫學美容, you need to make good research on this before you even make an appointment. Getting an experienced professional is difficult, but choosing the wrong can make things worse for you.

Identifying The Best Doctor For You

For this profession, a medical doctor would need to have graduated from a recognised Medical school and must have got a Letter of Credentialing and Privileging (LCP) from the Ministry of Health. Only a doctor with all these accreditations is allowed to work at a medical aesthetic centre.

Retens is one of the best 香港醫美, having professionals with 10+ years of experience. They provide safe and efficient services with all the high-end technology. You can go through their website or have an online consultation with them for more details.

Check the Official Place for the treatment

The next thing that you got to do is to check the premises on which this treatment will be done. It is very important that this clinic premise needs to be approved by the Ministry of Health under the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act. A proper hygienic place with all the medical facilities required during the emergency.


Every doctor or clinic will have their expertise and skills. Some may be good at minimally invasive procedures while others may look into only skin problems like pigmentation, allergies etc. So, you need to check these details before you book an appointment with them.

Feedback and reviews

You must check the credibility of the clinic. Check for customer reviews before you consult them. Make thorough research on them.

Look for the realistic treatment plan

Have a consultation with the clinic. Prepare a list of questions and check whether the staff is having a problem answering them. A good doctor would always listen to your problem and then discuss the treatment. So just look for a realistic treatment plan rather than their over-promising results.

Price range

Once the reviews are checked and the consultation is done, ask for the price for the services they provide. You cannot bargain with them once the appointment is fixed and you have reached the clinic for your treatment. It might be tempting to choose a low-cost clinic, but this can be a nightmare for you if treatment is done improperly. If you want the best treatment, you might have to spend some more money than you might have thought.

Choosing a  醫學美容中心 is going to take a lot of your effort and time. But I think you can afford to do so much for the look that you always wished for.

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