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What Happens During The Drug Discovery Process?

Introducing a completely new drug in the market is quite a complex process and it requires a lot of steps to be undertaken before a drug can actually be launched in the market. There are a lot of trials and approvals required for drug approval. So, here we have listed out some of the main steps of the drug discovery process:

Target Discovery:

The first phase of the drug discovery process is target discovery. Here the targets are identified. These targets are mainly involved in causing a particular type of disease. A target is basically a molecule that is integral to a particular gene. For example, a nucleic acid sequence can be regarded as a target. In order to decide which target is going to be the main focus of the research, it has to be tested. The molecule will also have to be druggable. Only then can the drugs work on the target molecule. You can also go for Drug Discovery Service in USA and get the required services at affordable rates.

Target Validation:

Next comes the target validation process. After the potential target has been identified, it is important to prove that it is directly involved in the occurrence of a particular kind of disease. The researcher will also have to demonstrate that this entire activity can be regulated by drugs. The validation process takes place in a highly experimental way and the process has got a big role to play in the success of the drug development process.

Lead Compound Identification:

In this process, a lead compound will be identified. This should have the capability of interacting with the targets. A series of complex tests and experiments take place during the process to understand how exactly the lead compound interacts with the target. Then some naturally occurring compounds are identified that can be used as drugs. Various synthetic compounds can also be used to prevent the targets from interfering with the cellular processes. The entire mechanism by which the target acts in the presence of drugs is identified. It is also verified whether the other body functions are affected because of the presence of the lead compound.

Lad Compound Optimization:

After a compound or a series of compounds have been identified, they will have to be optimized properly so that they become safe for consumption. A lot of tests take place in this process. An optimal dose will also have to be determined before the drug can be called suitable for human consumption.

Some Thoughts To End With:

So, these are the different stages of the drug discovery process. After the drug has been discovered, it will once again have to go through a series of approvals before it can actually be launched in the market. Also, if you are looking for genuine Drug Discovery Services in your area, you may get in touch with us and we are going to help you out by providing you with the required details.

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