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Painless Dental Implants in India

When you lose a tooth, it becomes very difficult to deal with it. There are many problems faced in this situation like difficulty in chewing food, problems while speaking, distorted smile, and several other problems. Dental Implants are one of the better treatment options to deal with the missing tooth problem. They are fixed and sturdy types of tooth replacement solutions. Dental implants certainly give the feel of natural teeth. Hardly, any person can detect that you had a dental implant.

Who can have dental implants?

Dental implants are a better solution only when you are above 19 years of age. The person below 19 years is in the process of the jaw and other bone development. So, when you have a missing tooth then dental implants can be a treatment solution. Here, the dental expert will check the position of the dental health properly to check whether the dental implant can fit in the jaw. Generally, dental implants are also not recommended for old people who are above 65 years of age. Apart from that, the dental implants treatment solution is a little costly which gives the patient a choice for going with the treatment.

What is the cost of a dental implant?

The cost of the dental implants ranges from Rs.17,000/- to Rs.40,000/- depending upon the type of implants preferred by you. It also depends on the type of complexity involved in the dental implant.

What process is followed during the dental implant treatment?


In dental implant treatment, the titanium post is placed in the jaw where the artificial crown is placed on it. This improves the functionality of the mouth and gives an aesthetic look for the individual. After proper examination, the titanium screw is inserted into the jaw to hold the implant. After ensuring the screw is fixed properly, the implant is fixed over the area of the missing tooth. As the local anesthesia is given during the treatment, there is no pain experienced during the treatment. Depending on the recommendation of the dental expert, the single or multiple placements are done later.

Are dental implant treatments painful?

If there is no major complexity then the dental implant treatment is usually painless. Some of these complexities include bone height, the width of the bone, the proximity of nerves, etc. If there is a need of any surgery then there might be some pain here. Another pain you might have to experience is widely opening the jaw for a prolonged period. Overall, if we look at the dental implant treatment is painless that gives much comfort for the patient.

What are the benefits of the tooth implant?

The dental tooth implant is one of the better treatment options for the missing tooth. It has a number of benefits that can be seen here.

Here is the list of the benefits of dental implant treatment:

tooth implant

  1. Feel more comfortable

It is much uncomfortable when there is a missing tooth. However, when you have the dental implant the missing space will be filled and you will feel more comfortable with it.

  1. Appearance will be better

It might be difficult for you to smile and talk when you had a missing tooth. You must have been constantly under the impression of easily being getting detected of the missing teeth that usually look improper. However, the dental implant will make your appearance look better.

  1. Improvement in speech

It is always difficult to have a clear speech when there is a missing tooth. Improper pronouncing of the words is commonly observed in this case. However, dental implants will fill up the space with the teeth that can help to speak the words better.

  1. Easy to eat and chewing food

Missing tooth create problems while chewing the food due to the gap caused between the teeth. With a dental implant, the gap between teeth is closed with the tooth that makes it easier to chew the food easily.

  1. Improvement in self-confidence

Generally, people try to avoid speaking and smiling when they have a missing tooth. It also affects the self-confidence of the person due to this. With the dental implant, a person can speak and smile better that can improve their self-confidence.

  1. Painless treatment

One of the common concerns that any person has during any of the dental treatment is about the possible pain they may experience. However, when it comes to the dental implant, the treatment is painless that gives more comfort for the individual.

  1. Improvement in a smile

One of the biggest problems with a missing tooth is improper smile that deprives people of smiling freely. However, due to dental implants, you can easily smile freely with an improved smile.

Dental Implant is one of the better options for the missing tooth problem that can improve your aesthetic look. Generally, this treatment lasts for a longer duration with a nice success rate.

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