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Why Should You Eat Orange During Pregnancy?

You have become pregnant. Wow! It, whether it is natural or through IVF treatment, is great news for you and your family members. Every one of your family is happy when you disclose it to them. After your disclosure, each of your in-laws, friends, and well-wishers congratulate you. As per their knowledge and experience, they advise you to have a balanced diet, pay attention to an intake of fruits & vegetables, take rest, and so on. Some of them might tell you to eat oranges during pregnancy.

Is It Safe to Eat Oranges During Pregnancy Period?

Like other seasonal fruits, oranges are the ones that you should include in your pregnancy diet. For having maximum benefits of this fruit, you should eat it whole. You can use fresh oranges to make juice if you don’t love eating raw oranges. Instead of drinking orange juice by purchasing it from street vendors, you should prepare it at your home. It is, as juices at street stalls may contain preservatives that could be harmful to you and your baby.

Benefits of eating oranges during pregnancy

The availability of many nutrients makes this fruit beneficial for your overall health. Consuming oranges is also beneficial for moms-to-be and the baby growing in the uterus. Here is more on why you should eat oranges during pregnancy:

  • Improves immune system – Due to being a rich source of vitamin C, orange intake can help you enhance your immunity. Apart from vitamin C, oranges have zinc and iron that are crucial for your own and your baby’s immune system. Taking an orange a day can help you stay away from allergies during your pregnancy period. It also helps the development of blood vessels, tissues, bones, and cartilage in the child in your womb.
  • Facilitates brain development in a baby – Oranges contain a good amount of folic acid and vitamin B6. Your orange intake during pregnancy will support the development of your baby’s brain. Further, it can stop you from having neural tube defects that cause spinal cord and brain abnormalities in your child. The folate found in oranges can support the development of new tissues & healthy placenta and blood cell formation.
  • Helps in controlling blood pressure – A research paper of the University of Rochester Medical Centre states that potassium present in oranges helps pregnant women stay away from hypertension. It is the next level of high blood pressure.
  • Promotes hydration – Usually, gynaecologists advise females to drink a lot of water and other fluids to keep themselves hydrated during pregnancy. Eating oranges can help you in this regard, as they have potassium and sodium. The presence of these two chemicals helps you stay hydrated and maintain fluid levels in your body.
  • Prevents you to have constipation – Constipation is normal for pregnant females. Orange intake can help you avoid constipation during pregnancy. Oranges have both soluble and insoluble cellulose and fibre. And due to this, you can cure your stomach issues and bloating that are a result of constipation.
  • Strengthens your respiratory system – Oranges have high carotenoid content. The presence of this content helps you have normal respiratory health during your normal or complicated pregnancy.

What’s the ideal quantity of oranges for pregnant women?

According to The American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ACOG), A pregnant woman needs 85 milligrams of vitamin C and 400 micrograms of folic acid. The number of oranges you should eat depends on whether you are completely dependent on oranges for vitamin C and folic acids or taking other fruits and food items for the same. It is a better idea to consult your doctor and talk to her about your orange intake. If possible, request a dietician to make a diet chart, which would contain oranges, for your pregnancy.


Oranges are beneficial for our health and pregnant women too. It keeps your immunity strong, improves brain development in your baby, prevents constipation, controls blood pressure, and provides other benefits that help you have a healthy pregnancy. Your doctor and dietician will help you know more in this regard.

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