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Steps for Straightening Teeth From an Orthodontic Center

It is difficult to live comfortably when a person has a teeth misalignment problem. These teeth misalignment problems may either be due to crossbite, overbite, underbite, the gap between teeth, crooked teeth,etc. If you want to get rid of the teeth misalignment problem and straighten the teeth then you must do teeth straightening through Orthodontic treatment. You can get this treatment through any advanced orthodontic center. There are different methods for Orthodontic treatment that can help you to achieve teeth straightening.

What are the problems with the teeth misalignment?

If you have teeth misalignment then there are various complications associated with it.

Here are some problems associated with teeth misalignment:

– Smile does not look beautiful

– It causes the food to stuck easily in the teeth

– Teeth brushing and flossing becomes difficult that may decay the teeth

– Degrades the confidence of the person

So, it becomes important to visit a proper ortho dental clinic and get the necessary treatment. Proper Orthodontic treatment can straighten your teeth with an improved smile.

What are the steps in teeth straightening for Orthodontic treatment?

When you go to any Orthodontic treatment, the braces dentist will follow a few steps which are generally followed.

Here are the general steps followed during the Orthodontic treatment of teeth straightening:

  1. Examining the condition

During the first visit to the ortho dental clinic, the Orthodontist will analyse the condition of the teeth thoroughly. They will take the X-rays from all angles of the mouth to understand the teeth misalignment. Here, they will also ask you some common questions, regarding your dental health condition.

  1. Treatment option and planning

After examining the teeth condition, the Orthodontist will give you options for the treatment. Some of the general options for Orthodontic treatment are Metal braces, Ceramic braces, Lingual braces, and Aligners. Although all these braces do the same work of teeth straightening, they differ in their features and costs. After selecting a proper option for the treatment, you will be given the planning for the treatment process.

  1. Getting the braces or aligners

As it would be difficult to brush or floss after putting up the braces, it is necessary to clean teeth. While putting braces, you must first do proper brushing and flossing to remove all small food particles and plaque layers from the teeth. Your braces or aligners will be ready as per the size taken during the first appointment. Depending on the option you choose, braces or aligners will be put on your mouth. They will act gradually over the teeth to move the teeth in the desired direction. The process of moving teeth takes place in slow motion which makes this treatment process longer. To keep your mouth open and your tongue in the proper position, an Orthodontist might put a device in the mouth. A solution might be applied by the braces dentist to ensure that there is no pain or irritation experienced during the treatment process. After the completion of the process, the Orthodontist will then give the next appointment for changing the braces or aligners.

  1. Follow-up appointments

After putting the braces or aligners, you will be given the follow-up appointment after an interval of about 4 to 5 weeks. During the follow-up appointments, Orthodontist will make the proper adjustments or change the aligner set. This will help to move the teeth from their current position to other desired places.

  1. Last appointment

Your last appointment would be the day when your braces or aligners will be removed finally. Before removing braces, the braces dentist will ensure that the desired position of the teeth is achieved. Although putting the braces might have taken a longer duration, removing them would hardly take 20 minutes. You might be suggested for using the retainers after the removal of braces or aligners. This is necessary to avoid the teeth moving to another unwanted position after the treatment.

What are the orthodontic treatment costs in India?

Generally, the cost of the metal braces is their lowest compared to the other treatment options. The aligner costs are highest among different treatment options. The costs for any Orthodontic treatment will vary depending on the different factors.

Some factors that will affect the cost of orthodontic treatment cost in India are:

– Service providers

– Type of treatment options selected

– City from where you will get treatment

– Complexity involved in the teeth position.

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While getting teeth straightening, there are a few steps during the Orthodontic treatment process. Visit Sabka dentist to get teeth straightened to improve the smile quality.

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